Third generation craftsman, David Cotton, has been immersed in building from an early age. Beginning with an eager interest in his father's clockmaking and antique case restoration, David developed an eye for detail that led to an apprenticeship under his grandfather, esteemed Gulf Coast cabinetmaker, Bill Cooke. Intent on learning the trade using traditional hand-crafted techniques, David eventually became a partner in his grandfather's business specializing in custom staircases and case goods as well as block paneled wall treatment and wainescote. After his grandfather's passing, David continued his Grandfather's craft while cultivating his interests with a drive to further hone his skills. David began to co-op with several Bay Area artisans, eventually befriending and apprenticing under Houston furniture maker and antiques restorer, Robin Richardson. Fascinated with the antiquities in Mr. Richardson's charge, David was instantly drawn to the opportuntity. Years later, with a refined sense of direction, David decided the timing was right to open a new shop in Houston dedicated to catering to local interior designers and antiques dealers. The individual with the family heirloom in need of special care, or with an idea for that timeless piece, is always welcome! Now with 25 years of experience, David is focused on building handcrafted furniture with attention to "sweating all the little details". David Cotton Woodworks looks forward to talking to you about your project!